January 2016

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    CONTRAPUNTAL BYRD. Colin Tilney, harpsichord.

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    CD-1288 CONTRAPUNTAL BYRD: Keyboard Works by William Byrd (c. 1543 – 1623).

    1. Pavan 7 (My Ladye Nevell’s Booke); 2. Fantasia in d (My Ladye Nevell’s Booke); 3. The Maiden’s Song (MLNB); 4. The Quadran Pavan; 5. The Quadran Galliard; 6. Pavan 8 (MLNB); 7. The Second Ground (MLNB); 8. Prelude in a; 9. Fantasia in a; 10. Pavan “Lachrymae.” (Dowland - arr. Byrd). Total time: 62:33. COLIN TILNEY, harpsichord. Audio engineering: Kirk McNally. Liner notes by Colin Tilney. UPC # 0-17685-12882-0.


    “All the music evokes a serene world different from our own and is well worth spending meditative time in.

    Even if you already have a large collection of Byrd harpsichord recordings, you’ll want to overdose and add this new one.”

     –– Bradley Lehman, American Record Guide, July/August 2016



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