November 2014

  1. CD-1281 Box Front Cover

    THE STRING QUARTETS OF JOSEPH HAYDN - The Schneider Quartet. Historic Haydn Society Recordings.

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    CD-1281(15) The String Quartets of Joseph Haydn - The Schneider Quartet. Historic Haydn Society Recordings. 

    Special: 15 CDs for the price of 8!

    In response to numerous inquiries from collectors all over the globe, Music & Arts takes great pleasure in announcing the release in a boxed set of 15 CDs all the Haydn Society recordings of the Haydn Quartets with the Schneider Quartet. Restored from the original Haydn Society master tapes and LP sources in 2013 by Lani Spahr. New liner notes by Tully Potter. Original LP liner notes by Karl Geiringer and Marion M. Scott available as a free download!

    Download the Original LP Liner Notes Here!

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