July 2012

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    Just as much as he was a champion of Mahler, Bruno Walter was an advocate for Bruckner’s music during his American years, at a time when the Austrian mystic’s works were believed to have severe structural flaws and were rarely programmed. In fact, for a 1933 guest appearance with the New York Philharmonic, Walter performed Bruckner’s Fifth, then a novelty, and after his forced immigration in 1939, he frequently and persuasively played the relatively unknown Fourth, Seventh, and Ninth Symphonies. We are fortunate to be able to present here two of his early public performances of Bruckner from broadcast recordings in the best possible sound.

    Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 35 in D, K. 385, (“Haffner”) NYPSO,  February 6, 1944, Carnegie Hall (live broadcast) [previously unissued], and Symphony No.9 in d (WAB 109)  Philadelphia Orchestra, February 28, 1948, Academy of Music (live broadcast) [previously unissued] Restoration engineer: Aaron Z. Snyder (2012); Notes: Mark W. Kluge. TT: 1 hr 40 min. UPC # 0-17685-12622-2.


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