February 2011

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    British-born conductor Adler was a student of Mahler. His concert performance of the Adagio and Purgatorio, from the 10th Symphony, issued here for the first time, displays the conductor's feeling for the Mahler idiom. -- Adler's 1952 studio recording of the 3d Symphony for SPA, reissued here, served as introduction to the score for many music lovers, even other conductors.  Leonard Bernstein came up to Hannah Adler at an embassy function to tell her how much he learned from Charles's Mahler recordings. Today we can appreciate Adler's recording as something more than merely an earnest effort.  In particular the breadth of the first and final movements, in which the conductor gives himself enough elbow room for all sorts of phrasing felicities, and the ineffable Viennese charm of the inner movements have not quite been duplicated in dozens of later recordings.  

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