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  1. CD-1001 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART: Solo Keyboard Works with Lili Kraus

    CD-1001 WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART: Solo Keyboard Works with Lili Kraus


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    piano. Recorded in 1954 for the Haydn Society; previously released on LPs  HSL 121-127 in 1955 & on Music & Arts CD set 1001 in 1997. Digitally remastered from the original 38 cm/sec master tapes by Maggi Payne

    CD No. 1 (65:47) Sonatas in C, K279; in F, K280; in B-flat, K281; in E-flat, K282; in G, K283 CD No. 2 (78:16) Sonatas in D, K284; in C, K309; in D, K311; in a, K310 CD No. 3 (78:48) Sonatas in C, K330; in A, K331; in F, K332; in B-flat, K333 CD No. 4 (71:36) Fantasy in c, K475; Sonatas in c, K457; in C, K545; in B-flat, K570; in D, K576 CD No. 5 (79:12) La belle Françoise, 12 Variations in E-flat, K353; Salve tu, Domine, 6 Variations in F, K398; Come un' agnello, 8 Variations in A, K460; Fantasy in c, K396; Fantasy in d, K397; Allegro einer Sonate in g, K312; Eine kleine Gigue in G, K574; Menuetto No. 6 in D, K355; Adagio in b, K540; Rondo in a, K511. Special! 5 CDs priced as 4

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    CD No. 1 (69:33): Piano Concerto No. 9, K271 in E-flat, ORTF, Igor Markevitch, 11 IX 1955 (Montreux); Piano Concerto No. 21, K467 in C, Philharmonic Symphony Orch., Guido Cantelli, 26 III 1955 (New York); Piano Sonata, K545 in C, NDR, 10 XI 1954 (Hamburg).

    CD No. 2 (65:01): Piano Concerto No. 27, K595 in B-flat, Lausanne Chamber Orch., Victor Desarzens, 17 XII 1948 (Lausanne); Piano Concerto No. 23, K488 in A, Zurich Tonhalle Orch., Volkmar Andreae, VI 1949 (Zurich); Piano Sonata, K576 in D, 17 VIII 1944. Walter Gieseking, piano. [AAD] UPC# 017685-10082-6.

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    Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg. The 1956 Bayreuth Production, cond. Andre Cluytens with Hans Hotter as Sachs, Josef Greindl as Pogner, Karl Schmitt-Walter as Beckmesser, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau as Kothner, Wolfgang Windgassen as Stolzing, and Gre Brouwenstijn as Eva.  Timings: CD 1: 70:25; CD 2: 73:50; CD 3: 71:24; CD 4: 52:05. [AAD]  UPC #0-17685-10112-0.

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    Robert Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques Op. 13; Waldscenen, Op. 82; and Romances, Op. 28: Nos. 1 & 2 (all recorded 9 July 1951 in Saarbucken) and Sonata No. 1 in F# Minor, Op. 11 (Grosse Sonate) (recorded in 1942 for RRG, the German radio system). Total time: 74:41. [AAD]

    UPC #0-17685-10132-8.

    CD No. 2 (77:15) Beethoven: Sonata No. 16 in G, Op. 31 No.1 (1947), Beethoven: Sonata No. 27 in e, Op. 90 (1943), Schubert: Rondo, from Sonata in D, Op. 53 (1945), Mendelssohn: Rondo capriccoso in E (1947).

    CD No. 3 (74:01) Mendelssohn: Hunting Song from Songs Without Words in A, Op 19, No. 3 (1947), Mendelssohn: Song of the Pilgrim from Songs Without Words in Bb, Op. 67, No. 3 (1947), Mendelssohn: The Joyous Peasant from Songs Without Words in A, Op. 10, No. 5 (1947). Schumann: Sonata in f# Op. 11 (1943). Schumann: XII Symphonic Etudes Op. 13 (1945). Brahms: Intermezzo in C (1933).

    CD No. 4 (78:46) Brahms: Intermezzo in A (1933), Brahms: Romanze in F (1933), Debussy: La soirée dans Grenade from Estampes, Mouvement de Habanera (1947), Debussy: Hommage a Rameau from Images I (1947), Debussy: Mouvement from Images I (1947), Debussy: La Cathédrale engloutie (1947) Debussy: Feux d'Artifice (1947), Scriabin: Sonata No. 3 in f# minor Op. 23 (1945), Scriabin: Sonata No. 5 in F#, Op. 53 (1947), Scriabin: Sonata No. 9 in F major Op. 68 (1947), Ravel; La vallée des closches (1947), Ravel: Alborada del gracioso (1947), Ravel: Ondine (1947).

    (AAD) UPC # 0-17685-10702-3 (A co-production with Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv).

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