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Four lengthy collective works by The Ivo Perelman Quartet: Frozen Tears, Sound Hierarchy, Datchki Dandara, and Fragments. The Quartet consists of Ivo Perelman, tenor sax and mouthpiece; Marilyn Crispell, piano; Gerry Hemingway, drums and voice; and William Parker, bass. Total time: 56:37. (DDD) UPC #0-17685-09972-4.

Sound Clips (MP3):

1. Frozen Tears
2. Sound Hierarchy
3. Datchki Dandara
4. Fragments

Buzz: Critic Ben Ratliff wrote in the March 1997 issue of JAZZIZ, reviewing three CDs of Ivo Perelman: "European free improvisors brought a precision to the genre, an approach more about controlled research than pickaxe-swinging pioneer spirit [inspiring the American free jazz movement]. And the two schools rarely cross. Among New Yorkers in the hardcore energy-music scene, the transplanted Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman is an anomaly; he integrates both European and American technique into his playing." Perelman has been rapidly establishing himself in jazz listening circles over the past years with a string of outstanding releases. Fusing his innate feel for Brazil's rhythmic genius and lyricism with the energy and further complexity of improv jazz has been his forte. His collaborators on this CD are among the giants of the contemporary improv jazz scene.

“Each of the pieces on Sound Hierarchy shares a joyous wonder, a cacophony of insidious subversion of root sructure, and, alas, addictive listening. There are few real melodies on the four tracks, but somehow each is unique, with its own mesmerizing qualities…”           
—Steven A. Loewy, Cadence

Sound Hierarchy…supplies a generous second helping of group dynamics in the form of a feverish calm.”
—Steve Dollar, Jazziz

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