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State-of-the-art transfers of commerially issued 78 rpm recordings with the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, including the Sixth Symphony, Mengelberg's first great success with the Concertgebouw in the 1890s -- a work which despite musical and (later) political opposition he espoused throughout his career, and the Fifth, of which he had received an autograph score from the composer's brother, Modest Tchaikovsky.


CD-809(2)            MENGELBERG: TCHAIKOVSKY, THE LEGENDARY 1928/37 78 RPM RECORDINGS. Symphony No. 4 in f, Op. 36 (June 1929 for Columbia); Symphony No. 5 in e, Op. 64 (May 1928 for Columbia); Symphony No. 6 in b, Op. 74 (Dec. 1937 for Telefunken); Romeo and Juliet (May 1930 for Columbia); Serenade for Strings, Op. 48: Waltz (May 1928 for Columbia), ACO.     

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