WHRA-6006 (9) That Devilin' Tune : Volume 4 (of 4) [1946-1951]: From Allen Lowe, the Writer/Producer of the international best seller Minstrel to Mojo: An Audio History of American Popular Song, 1893~1946, comes this new epic survey of jazz. Volume 4 (of 4) [1946-1951] includes rare recordings by Frank Sinatra, Coleman Hawkins, Stan Kenton, Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Dizzie Gilespie, Dave Brubeck, and others, in state-of-the art digital restorations, with extensive notes by Allen Lowe. Total time: 11+ hours.. AAD; EAN Nr.4015 023 160064 Special! 9 CDs priced as 6.

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This release is a co-production of West Hill Radio Archive (Canada) and Archiphon (Germany),
distributed worldwide by Music & Arts:


"While such histories have been attempted before, this one triumphs because of its breadth of vision, its scholarship and its ability to discover previously unheralded gems from a variety of sources including radio broadcasts and live sessions."
--John Clarke, The Times (London)


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