WHRA-6003(9) THAT DEVILIN' TUNE: Volume 1   [1895-1927]

From Allen Lowe, the Writer/Producer of the international best seller Minstrel to Mojo: An Audio History of American Popular Song, 1893~1946,comes this new epic survey of jazz. Volume I containsrare recordings by Al Jolson, Bert Williams, W.C. Handy, Eubie Blake, Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, Bessie Smith, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and others, in state-of-the art digital restorations.. Includes 96-page lavishly illustrated booklet. [AAD] Total time: 11+ hours. Further volumes to follow at 4-6 month intervals. Special! 9 CDs priced as 6. EAN Nr. 4 015023 160033.

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This release is a co-production of West Hill Radio Archive (Canada) and Archiphon (Germany),
distributed worldwide by Music & Arts:


BUZZ:In this follow-up to American Pop, Allen Lowe forces us to rethink everything we ‘know’ about jazz—its origins, its relationship to other forms of music, its social consequences, and the supposedly minor role played by white musicians in its evolution. Passages on figures as famous as Louis Armstrong and as obscure as Tony Aless do what musical criticism ideally should: they send us back to the pertinent recordings to compare notes”
Francis Davis, author of Bebop and Nothingness

When Allen Lowe’s previous music documentary, Minstrel to Mojo [American Pop] was released, it was acclaimed as one of the ten best boxed sets of the year by The New York Times and as the best independent production of the year in Pulse! Magazine. Gary Giddins wrote in the U.S. magazine Modern Maturity (circulation: 23 million): "This astonishing trove of 215 selections lives up to its title....the sheer variety is overwhelming."

Here are some other rave reviews of Minstrel to Mojo [American Pop] by Allen Lowe:

“There can be few better guides to the varied, fascinating, and vastly influential music of the United States than this.”
--John Clarke, The Times of London

“No one has ever attempted anything like this before… these are the streams and tributaries that have fed the river of American music in this century, and it is an amazing experience to sit back and listen to them as they flow together.”--
--Elijah Wood, The Boston Globe

“There has never been such a fascinating collection of reissued vintage records … nor one that gives such an overview of American popular song...”          
–Philip Elwood, San Francisco Examiner



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