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Critic Art Lange writes in his liner notes: "All of the music on 16 Moments is spontaneously improvised; there are no predetermined themes or structures. This is not to say, however, that the music is not highly organized--it obviously is, and their reliance on spontaneity is controlled by acute parameters of formal construction, among them, intuitive logic, tacit aesthetic agreements, and associative interaction based upon close listening, appropriate contextual responses, and an empathetic climate. The trio works within a place where sounds register meaning through color, shape, direction, and gesture."

Leandre has played and/or recorded with guitarist Derek Bailey, wind-player Anthony Braxton, trombonist George Lewis, and pianist Irene Schweizer, among others. Zingaro has collaborated with Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Leo Smith, and Richard Teitelbaum. Carl has been involved in improvised music since 1968, has been recording since 1972, and is a member of various European combos including the COWWS Quintet with Irene Schweizer.

CD-4999(1)   MOMENTS with the CANVAS TRIO   Sixteen collective compositions of the Canvas Trio, performed by Joelle Leandre, bass, Carlos Zingaro, violin, and Rudiger Carl, clarinet and accordion. Total time: 54:47. [DDD]  UPC #0-17685-09992-2.

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