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When this group's previous CD, The Wish, appeared on Music & Arts CD-4916, Russ Summers wrote in Option, "Bassist Fonda is a regular with Anthony Braxton's ensembles and pianist Stevens has gained some notoriety for a fine duo disc with violinist Mark Feldman on Leo; the two are beginning to receive the recognition they deserve. Their group explores the solid but adventurous approach that marked the directions staked out with the Mosaic Sextet, another assemblage that brought the musicians some belated distinction."

Writes co-leader Joe Fonda in his liner notes, "The aspect of this group that most excites me and that I deeply respect is its willingness to allow and embrace the element of unpredictability in our music. This is where some of the deepest and most powerful magic exists in the music. Even though quite often the compositions of myself and Michael are pieces with a very defined harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure, the group does not allow these compositions to be a fixed system. The attitude and approach to the music brings about the formation of a collective, both in terms of sound and consciousness. Leaving the ego behind, the result is a music that is much greater than any one of its individual parts could ever be."


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