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1. Earth and the Heart Suite, Pt. 3- The Earth and the Heart
2. Earth and the Heart Suite, Pt- 1 A Man of Sorrows
3. Earth and the Heart Suite, Pt- 4 Now Must Be Another Day
4. Simple Melody
5. Mountain City Hidden by Clouds
6. Two for Mr- Bradford
7. Overturned!
8. Everybody Solo

Writes composer Gonzalez, "In June and December of 1989, some amazing music went down in two American cities on opposite coasts, New York and Los Angeles. It grew out of my idea of recording an album which would center around my new concept (at the time) of using an electric trio to document my 'sound.' This album is the result of that collaboration. Recorded in two sessions in two separate cities, in two different studios by two different engineers, the tapes were assembled and mixed in Dallas twice.  There must be some numerological rationale behind the 'two's,' because it worked. In his controversial novel, The Last Temptation of Christ, Nikos Kazantzakis writes, 'Harmony between the earth and the heart; that is the kingdom of heaven.'

This ironic statement is in the opening sequence of Jesus' dream of agony and temptation, just as he is dying on the cross. For me, it is a statement of struggle; the biggest step in our process (as humans) of transmuting the flesh into spirit. In my daily struggle to attain my highest aspirations, though, it is this very sentiment which I battle daily. The Earth and the Heart was originally a four-part suite commissioned by Austin's illustrious (and brave) bandleader, Tina Marsh, for her Creative Opportunity Orchestra. It is an attempt to express the magnificence and pain of this daily fight."
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