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"...a riveting, thrilling, hair-raising account of the Pathetique..... This recording shows Stokie at the very top of his form, and he is really good at pulling it all together. Performances of Tchaikovsky 6 this fine are in very short supply, and the collection is worth its price for that alone."

--American Record Guide: March/April, 1997: John p. McKelvey

"...this Tchaikovsky set is particularly valuable because it preserves concert readings that were not accompanied by dated in the recording studios. ...the performances are uncommonly vivid and bring new life to four of the composer's most over-ridden warhorses... The music sounds drunk, however, the conductor is completely in control. The end result is both wildly exiting and utterly personal. With an appreciative audience behind him and a captive orchestra in front of him , outrageous things happen. The sound is impressive. Its immediacy almost qualifies for audiophile recognition."

-- Classical Hall of Fame: Raymond Tuttle

"I found all Stokowski's manipulations (well, almost all) convincing, even stirring, and was amazed at his sheer vitality. As a master of the malaprop once observed, at his age most people are dead. The performance of the Overture 1812 dates from approximately the same time he made his commercial recording with the same orchestra. It's a thoroughly arousing performance; if you think you're tired of the piece, try it."

--Fanfare: March/April 1997: James Miller

CD-4944(2)    STOKOWSKI CONDUCTS TCHAIKOVSKY. Public performances, 1965 - 1973.

CD No. 1 (77:33): Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (Tokyo, 8 July 1965); Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Op. 74 ("Pathetique"), London Symphony Orchestra (Fairfield Hall, Croydon, 21 April 1973)

CD No. 2 (70:42): Symphony No. 6 (conclusion); Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64, American Symphony (New York, 12 April 1967); Overture 1812 in E-flat for Orchestra, Op. 59, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (London, 15 June 1969). [AAD]    UPC #0-17685-09442-2.

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