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1. Open Discussion
2. Hilltop View
3. Quick Cut
4. Playground
5. Wide Beat
6. Tree Child
7. Sine Lapse
8. Inner Strength, Pt- 11

Glenn Horiuchi has recorded eight discs as leader for the Soulnote and Asian Improv labels and has become somewhat of a cult figure on the new California jazz scene. He has assimilated urban jazz, country blues, atonal energy music and Japanese tonalities into a coherent whole. Phillippe Renaud wrote about him in Improjazz of 9/95:

"Glenn Horiuchi se taille la part du lion avec son jeu de piano eclate mais dense. It s'est inspire des gestes quotidiens pour exprimer sa musique, par exemble des gestes de son fils lorsqu'll dort (d'ou le titre). Chacun des cinq titres a une histoire, triste, dramatique ou au contraire joyeuse."

And Peter Muller wrote of his work Poston Sonata in his review of a Berlin performance in Berlin Morgenpost:

"Ein ambitioniertes kammermusikalisches Werk, das bewegt und überzeugt."

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