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These performances were originally issued by Music & Arts in 1989 and remained an international bestseller for five years. It is re-issued now in response to widespread public demand.

Peter J. Rabinowitz wrote in American Record Guide about the original issue: "Michelangeli's playing [is] ... massive, firm, self-confident, and supremely even, both in articulation and in vertical balance."

"an Emperor that lives up to its name...a magisterial interpretation bristling with controlled power and rhetorical flourishes. The real shocker is the slow movement, treated as an extended bel canto aria that sings its wonderful song like you've never heard it before."

--Dan Davis in The Absolute Sound

"Michelangeli sweeps proudly to the summit of this most majestic and most "pianistic" of the Beethoven concertos. The authority of the playing is tremendous and all-embracing. Michelangeli has the power to make other Emperor readings seem puny."

--Max Loppert in International Piano Quarterly

BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat, Op. 73, "Emperor" with Paris Symphony Orchestra, cond. S. Celibidache (stereo) (rec. 1975) & HAYDN: Concerto in D for Clavier and Orchestra, H. VIII, No. 2 with Brescia Festival Orchestra, cond. A. Orizio (mono) (rec. 1967). Total time: 60:02 [AAD] UPC # 0-17685-42962-0

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