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CD-1227(9) ANDREAE CONDUCTS BRUCKNER. BRUCKNER: Symphonies, Nos. 1-9 & Te Deum. Recording of the 1953 cycle with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Volkmar Andreae. From the Archives of ORF/Radio Õsterreich 1. Digitally restored in 2009. CD 1: (43:08) Symphonie Nr. 1 c-moll WAB 101 ("Linzer Fassung" von 1877, ed. 1953 Leopold Nowak). Symphony Nr. 1 in C Minor. CD 2: (51:00) Symphonie Nr. 2 c-moll WAB 102 (Fassg. 1878/80, ed. Robert Haas). Symphony Nr 2 in C Minor. CD 3: (50:48) Symphonie Nr. 3 d-moll WAB 103 (Fassung 1890, ed. Th. Rättig). Symphony Nr 3 in D Minor. CD 4: (60:29) Symphonie Nr. 4 Es-Dur WAB 104 [gen. "Romantische"] ("Originalfassung" von 1886, ed. Leopold Nowak). Symphony No. 4 in E-flat Major. CD 5: (68:31) Symphonie Nr. 5 B-Dur WAB 105 (Originalfassung). Symphony Nr 5 in B Flat Major. CD 6: (50:49) Symphonie Nr. 6 A-Dur WAB 106 (Fassung von 1881, ed. Robert Haas). Symphony Nr 6 in A Major. CD 7: (58:26) Symphonie Nr. 7 E-Dur WAB 107 (Originalfassung). Symphony Nr 7 in E Major. CD 8: (72:13) Symphonie Nr. 8 c-moll WAB 108 (Fassung: N.N.). Symphony Nr 8 in C Minor. CD 9: (71:43) Symphonie Nr. 9 d-moll WAB 109 (Originalfassung). Te Deum WAB 45 für Soli, Chor, Orchester und Orgel. Symphony Nr 9 in D Minor & Te Deum. Emmy Loose, S./ Hildegard Rössel-Majdan, A./ Anton Dermota, T./ Gottlob Frick, Bs./Alois Forer, Orgel/ Singverein der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien. From the Archives of ORF/Radio Õsterreich 1. Digital restoration by Aaron Z. Snyder (2009). Notes in German (by Gert Fischer) and English (Mark Kluge). Special: 9 CDs priced as 7! UPC# 0-17685-122729.

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BUZZ: Although hardly known today, the Swiss conductor Volkmar Andreae (1879-1962) belonged to the great generation of Bruckner conductors born while the composer was still in his prime. This exalted group ranged from Bruno Walter (born 1876) to F. Charles Adler (born 1889), and included such masters as Hermann Abendroth, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Otto Klemperer, Hans Knappertsbusch, and Carl Schuricht.

Volkmar Andreae conducted Bruckner for half of the Twentieth Century. It is regrettable that his commercially recorded legacy is so meager, for his eloquent advocacy surely deserved better. These Bruckner performances originally given in 1953 and archived in excellent sound for Austrian radio audiences will reward careful listening. Musicologist Kurt Blaukopf wrote concerning this historic cycle: "The performances given by the Vienna Symphony under Andreae's direction and preserved on tape by the Austrian Radio have the significance of a musical monument." Despite the profusion of Bruckner recordings available in modern sound, such a monument merits our enduring attention. All except the 4th Symphony previously unissued.


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