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CD-1221(3) ANTON EBERL (1765 1807): THE MAJOR SOLO PIANO WORKS. CD 1 ( 64:32):Sonata in C minor Op 1(1792); Toccata in C minor Op 46 (composition date unknown)* Grand Sonata Characteristique Op 12 (1802)*; Grand Sonata in C major Op 16 (1802)*. CD 2 (57:48): Grand Sonata in G minor Op 27 (1805) *; Grand Sonata in G minor Op 39 (1806-07). CD 3 (50:35): Grand Sonata in C major Op 43 (1805-06?)*; Fantasie in D minor Op 28 (1805?)*; Sonatina in C major Op 5 (1796?)*. Performed by John Khouri on Pfister Grand Fortepiano and on an 18th c. Pedal Piano. Includes seven world premiere recordings, denoted by *. DDD. UPC# 0-17685-12212 5

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"Khouri plays with tremendous enthusiasm, and the recording captures these obscure keyboard instruments in a pleasantly reverberant ambience without losing the sound of the instrument or bringing it so close that we can hear the clatter of every moving mechanism on it."
-Uncle Dave Lewis, 4/2009,


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