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JOSEPH SZIGETI plays Mendelssohn and Brahms: 1941 & 1948 New York public performances in new digital transfers.   MENDELSSOHN: Concerto in e for violin & orchestra, Op. 64; with the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, cond. Bruno Walter (p.p., 2 February 1941) and  BRAHMS:  Concerto in D for violin & orchestra, Op. 77; with the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, cond. Dimitri Mitropoulos (p.p., 24 October 1948).  Total time: 67:55. Digital restoration: Ward Marston (2006). UPC# 0-17685-11972-9

BUZZ:  Szigeti (1892-1973) was an artist of rare intellect and integrity; he eschewed the role of the virtuoso, placing himself totally at the service of the music. In addition to the standard repertoire, he championed the music of many 20th-century composers, including Stravinsky, Bartók, Ravel, Prokofiev, Honegger, Bloch, and Martin. These rare New York airchecks find him still in fine shape, before arthritis began to seriously affect his tone.

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