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Tracks: Levanta Poeira  (Zequinha de Abreu); André de Sapato Novo; (André Victor Corrêa); Carioca II  (Nicanor Teixeira); Chôroc  (Daudeth de Azevedo [Neco]); O Corta Jaca  (Chiquinha Gonzaga); Carioquinha (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha); O Vôo da Môsca  (Jacob Bittencourt [J. do Bandolim]); Chôro II (Armando Neves); Carioca I  (Nicanor Teixeira); Sonoroso  (Sebastião de Barros [K. Ximbinho]); Valsa (Julio Borges); Oscarina (Alfredo Viana Filho [Pixinguinha]); Inferna (Sardinha); Carinhoso (Alfredo Viana Filho [Pixinguinha]); (Sempre Sebastião de Barros [K. Ximbinho]); Saudade  (Radamés Gnattali); Numa Seresta (Luiz Americano); Improviso (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha); From 10 Estudos para Violaõ  (Radamés Gnattali).  Total: 63:53 [DDD]   UPC# 017685-17772  

Sound Clips (MP3):

2. Andre de Sapato Novo (Andre Victor Correa)
3. Carioca No. 2 (Nicanor Teixeira)
4. Chôri C (Daudeth de Azevedo)
5. Corta-Jaca (Chiquinha Gonzaga)
6. Carioquinha (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha [Garoto])
7. O Voo da Mosca (Jacob Bittencourt [J. do Bandolim])
8. Choro No. 2 (Armando Neves)
9. Carioca No. 1 (Nicanor Teixeira)
10. Sonoroso (Sebastiao de Barros [K. Ximbinho])
11. Valsa (Julio Borges)
12. Oscarina (Alfredo Viana Filho [Pixinguinha])
13. Infernal (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha [Garoto])
14. Carinhoso (Alfredo Viana Filho [Pixinguinha])
15. Sempre (Sebastiao de Barros [K. Ximbinho])
16. Saudade [Radames Gnattali])
17. Nuema Seresta [Luiz Americano])
18. Improviso (Aníbal Augusto Sardinha [Garoto])
19. Studies (10), for guitar- Estudo No. 3 (RadamÊs Gnattali)
21. Studies (10), for guitar- Estudo No. 5 (RadamÊs Gnattali)
23. Studies (10), for guitar- Estudo No. 9 (RadamÊs Gnattali)

BUZZ: Marcus Llerena was born in 1955 and began his classical guitar studies at age 16 with Norberto Macedo in Brazil. In 1975 he moved to Spain and studied for three years with classical guitar masters D. Aureo and Rocio Herrero. He was awarded prizes at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, at the de Falla competition in Granada, and at the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s “Presence de la Musique” competition, the Porto Alegre competition 1981, and the Sablè sur Sarthe in France in 1983. In 1982 he was selected to take part in a master class given by Andres Segovia at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He earned a Master’s degree in Music at the Université Musicale Internationale of Paris.  Llerena has given many concerts in Brazil, France, Britain, and Spain; his most recent tours were in early 2006 in France and Germany. He introduced a number of the works heard on this CD to European audiences. He has made four internationally-acclaimed guitar CDs to date.


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