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These compositions, viewed as a single unit, uniquely express a vision of the violinist-composer as a representative of his people. Hubay's Hungarian panorama both spans the country's past and reflects the composer's understanding of his times. The decaying Austrian Empire, and a Hungary striving to become independent, presented Hubay with his poetic inspiration. -- The historical CD, performed by representative figures of world-famous Hubay School, offers a unique anthology to the music lover. It contains rarities that were frequently played favorites of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and that passed into oblivion after WWII, but that have, since the end of the last century, apparently seen a renaissance. At the same time, these archival recordings are valuable for preserving and transmitting to today's listener the characteristics of the middle-European violin-playing tradition.

A wunderkind almost from the cradle and prizewinner in the Tchaikovsky and Brussels competitions, Charles Castleman has been soloist with the orchestras of Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Moscow, Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. Mr. Castleman's solo CDs include 10 Sarasate virtuoso cameos and Ysaye's Solo Sonatas (made at the time of his unique performance at Tully Hall in NYC) on Music & Arts, Gershwin and Antheil on Music Masters, and 20th century violin and harpsichord music for Albany. As a Ford Foundation Concert Artist he commissioned the David Amram Concerto, performing its premiere with Leonard Slatkin and the St. Louis Symphony, and recording it for Newport Classics Castleman's long-term chamber music associations have included The New String Trio of N.Y. (with BASF recordings of Reger and Frank Martin) and the Raphael Trio, with which he recorded Dvorak for Nonesuch and Sony, Mendelssohn for Discover, Beethoven for Unicorn, and Wolf-Ferrari for ASV, with premieres of Rainer Bischof's "Trio 89" for the Vienna Festival, and Frederic Rzewski's "Trio" for the Kennedy Center.

CD-1164 (2) THE WORLD OF JENÖ HUBAY. Jenö Hubay (1858-1937): Scènes de la Csárda. #8 Op. 60 "Azt mondják." [So they say…]; #3 Op. 18 "Maros vize" [The river Maros]; #2 Op. 13"Kis furulyám." [My little pipe]; #12 Op. 83 "Piczi tubiczám" [My little turtle dove]; #7 Op. 41 "Kossuth-nóta" [Kossuth's song]; #5 Op. 33 "Hullámzó Balaton" [The waves of lakeBalaton]; #14 Op. 117 "Sur des thèmes de Lavotta" [On themes of Lavotta]; #4 Op. 32"Hejre Kati" [Hey Kati]. Charles Castleman, violin, with Eastman Chamber Orchestra, cond. Mendi Rodan [DDD]. With free bonus CD: Hubay and his Pupils play Hubay.

Rare historical recordings newly restored: Intermezzo from The Violin Maker of Cremona. Jenö Hubay; Franz von Vecsey; Harry Solloway; Poem Hongroise, Op. 27 No. 6. Jelly D'Arányi; Zephyr, Op. 30 No. 5. Ibolyka Zilzer; Joseph Szigeti; Scene de la Csárda No. 5, Op. 33, "Hullámzó Balaton". Ibolyka Zilzer; Mazurka in a, Op. 45 No. 1. Ibolyka Gyárfás; Scene de la Csárda No. 8, Op. 60, "Azt mondják". Mary Zentay; Scene de la Csárda No. 12. Duci de Kerekjárto; Scene de la Csárda No. 2. Duci de Kerekjárto; Emil Telmányi; Les Fileuses. Emil Telmányi; Scene de la Csárda No. 4, "Hejre Kati!". Emil Telmányi and Scene de la Csárda No. 3: Maros Vize. Joseph Szigeti. [AAD] A co-production with Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. Rochester, New York. Total times: 68:11 + 67:30. UPC # 017685-11642-1.

Disc 1 Sound Clips (MP3):

1. Scène de la Csárda No. 8 for violin & piano (or orchestra) ('Azt mondják nem adnak' [They Say They Don't Give Me]), Op. 60
2. Scène de la Csárda No. 3 for violin & piano ('Maros Vize'), Op. 18
3. Scène de la Csárda No. 2 for violin & piano ('Kis furulyám szomorúfuz ága'), Op. 13
4. Scène de la Csárda No. 12 for violin & piano ('Pici Tubicam'), Op. 83
5. Scène de la Csárda No. 7 for violin & piano ('Kossuth's melody'), Op. 41
6. Scène de la Csárda No. 5 for violin & piano ('Hullà mzò Balaton'), Op. 33
7. Scène de la Csárda No. 14, for violin & piano ('On the Themes of Lavotta'), Op. 117
8. Scène de la Csárda No. 4 for violin & piano ('Hejre Kati'), Op. 32

Disc 2 Sound Clips (MP3):

1. A cremonai hegedus (The Violin Maker of Cremona), opera- Intermezzo
2. Poèmes hongrois, for violin & piano, Op. 27
4. Zephr, Op. 30 No. 5
5. Scene De La Csarda No.5, Op. 33, Hullamzo Balaton
7.Scene De La Csarda #8, Op. Op. 60 Azt Mondjak
8. Intermezzo From The Violin Maker Of Cremona
10.Scene De La Csarda #2
12. Scene De La Csarda #4, Hejre Kati
14.Scene De La Csarda #3
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