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With this CD we bring to an end several decades of confusion surrounding the live recording of Furtwängler conducting Mozart's Concerto for two pianos, KV365. All previous releases are inauthentic, not conducted by Furtwängler and not played by Dagmar Bella, though one of the two pianists was indeed Badura Skoda; the genuine recording is published here for the first time. And on prior releases of the Concerto KV482 the first 67 measures were dubbed in from a recording not conducted by Furtwängler, though the rest of the performance was authentic. Now KV482 has also been lovingly restored by Maggi Payne, using several original sources. The booklet includes an essay by Roger Smithson on the reconstruction and Badura-Skoda's recollections of playing under Furtwängler.

CD-1097(2) FURTWÄNGLER CONDUCTS MOZART: Includes Two Recording Premieres. CD 1 (62:53) Piano Concerto in E-flat, K482. Paul Badura-Skoda, VPO. (27 Jan. 1952; Concerto for 2 Pianos in E-flat, K365 Dagmar Bella & Paul Badura-Skoda, VPO. (8 Feb. 1949) This is the first authentic release ever of the recently discovered original and complete recordings of the two works above, reproduced from the only surviving original recordings. CD 2 (73:26) Serenade No. 10 for 13 wind instruments, K361 VPO, 10/19/26 Nov. & 3 Dec. 1947 (HMV); Symphony No. 40 in G Minor K550, VPO. 7/8 Dec. 1948 & 15 Feb. 1949 (HMV)

Technical reconstruction (2002) by Maggi Payne. (AAD) UPC # 0-17685-10972-0.

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