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These are reissues, by popular demand, of the enormously successful Music & Arts releases CD 715 & CD 716. Writes critic Roger Smithson in his liner notes, "Haskil was as dissatisfied with most of her records as she was with her public appearances, but they show clearly enough why she inspired such admiration. One might cite her beauty of tone, fluency, nuancing or rubato, but the final impression is not of any specific characteristic of performance but the elusive quality of absolute naturalness.

Comparisons between her studio and live recordings are often illuminating. The latter are particularly helpful in our appreciation of her concerto work, since contractual constraints prevented her from making records with many conductors whom she admired.." We are particularly fortunate to have these rare live performances available in the best possible sound.

CD-1096(2) CLARA HASKIL PLAYS PIANO CONCERTOS BY MOZART & BEETHOVEN. Mozart: Piano Concertos: #9 in E-flat, K271 Symphony Orchestra of the Northwest German Radio, cond. Otto Ackermann (Cologne, 1954) & #20 in d, K466 with orch. cond. Charles Munch (1956) & #27 in B-flat, K595 with Kölner Gürzenich Orchestra (Montreux), cond. Otto Klemperer (1956). Beethoven: Concerto #3 in c, Op. 37, with orch. cond. Munch (1956). AAD. 60:22 & 63:22. UPC # 0-17685-10962-1.

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