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Writes Tully Potter in his program notes: "When it came to Brahms's chamber music, Busch had no equal as a leader. The violin sonatas, trios, quartets and quintets (except, strangely, the F major String Quintet) were integral parts of his repertoire from the start and he recorded most of them incomparably. The two sextets were kept for special occasions but he was performing them from the time he was a student; and for the last few years of his life he even owned the manuscript of one of the two Sextets, so it was a 'Brahmin' of great fame and infinite wisdom and experience who arrived at the Strasbourg Festival in June 1949 for three concerts, including the important Brahms and Mendelssohn performances contained on this compact disc."
The Brahms cello concerto was issued only on one of our early LPs; the sextet and the Mendelssohn piece are released here for the first time.

CD-1083 ADOLPH BUSCH AND FRIENDS AT THE 1949 STRASBURG FESTIVAL. Brahms: Concerto for Violin and Cello in a minor, Op.102. A. & H. Busch, French National Radio Orchestra, P. Kletzki, cond. (21 June 1949); Brahms: Sextet Nr. 1 for 2 vn, 2 va, 2 vc. In Bb Major Op.18 with A. Busch, Vn. I, B. Straumann, Vn. II, H. Gottesmann, Va. I, H. Busch, Vc. I, A. Bertschmann, Va. II, A. Wenzinger, Vc. II (13 June 1949). Mendelssohn: Capriccio from Andante, Scherzo, Capriccio und Fugue (Quartet) op. 81 #3, Busch Quartet (A. Busch, Vn. I, B. Straumann, Vn II, H. Gottesmann, Va, H. Busch, Vc) (11 June 1949). ADD Total time 70:00 UPC #0-17685-10832-7

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