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One of the most important virtuosos of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Jan Ladislav Dussek was born in Caslav, in eastern Bohemia on Feb. 12, 1760. He is an important figure in the history of the piano because he was one of the very first traveling virtuosi to whole-heartedly embrace the fortepiano and to perform on it throughout Europe. His large oeuvre consists of 34 piano sonatas, a wide variety of chamber music nearly always including piano, 17 piano concertos (some of which are lost,) and over 80 accompanied sonatas (piano and violin sometimes including cello). In the last 30 years his music has gained in popularity but we still await performances and recordings of his 3 string quartets from 1806 and his last piano concerto in E flat. Even in Dussek's earliest piano sonatas (in A flat and G) we find a truly distinctive style, luxuriant in figuration, abundant in tonal experimentation, with exceptionally full chordal writing and an exuberantly unchecked virtuosity. Janine Johnson and John Khouri are well known members of the early music community that flourishes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Performing together for the first time in 1992, Ms. Johnson and Mr. Khouri have explored the 2-piano and one piano 4-hand literature for both German and English pianos, unearthing over 20 duos by Clementi and lesser known composers. Performing highlights include the 3 Dussek duos, Op 69 performed on this disc, and the Dussek 2-piano concerto, which they have played on three memorable occasions. Khouri has previously recorded fortepiano works by Beethoven, Weber and Clementi for Music & Arts.

CD-1081(1) DUSSEK: DUOS FOR FORTEPIANO J.L. Dussek: Three Duos Concertants Op.69 (1810-II): Duo No.1 in B flat major; Duo No.2 in E flat major; Duo No.3 in F major; Duo in F major Op.26 (1794). Janine Johnson and John Khouri playing 1801 and 1808 Broadwood Grand fortepianos. Total time 65:50 (DDD) UPC#0-17685-10812-9

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