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Wrote critic Allen Ulrich in San Francisco Examiner "The 1982 concerto may be the ideal introduction to Harrison?s musical world. It?s an often rapturous and occasionally playful profusion of sounds that should make many converts?". Kyle Gann in Fanfare wrote "[the] string sound is voluptuously rich in splendid contrast with the gamelan. Harrison has written some of the century?s most listenable classics, and the double concerto is one of his best.". David W. Moore wrote in American Record Guide "[A] major work is Lou Harrison?s 34-minute elegiac Trio, which the composer tells us is about the death of Virgil Thomson, earthquakes, and his own bypass surgery?The playing is warm and emotional?". And David Hurwitz in Fanfare, "[The Trio is]?superbly performed?recommendable?to those interested in contemporary American music?".

CD-1073(1) A REISSUE OF TWO LOU HARRISON WORLD PREMIERE RECORDINGS; Lou Harrison: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan (1981/82). Kenneth Goldsmith, violin; Terry King, cello; The Mills College Gamelan Ensemble: William Winant, kendhang kalih, in the Stampede; Lou Harrison, kendhang gendhing. Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano (1990). The Mirecourt Trio: Kenneth Goldsmith, violin; Terry King, cello; John Jensen, piano. Double Concerto originally released in 1990 on Music & Arts CD-635; Trio originally released in 1992 on Music & Arts CD-687. Total time 56:30 [AAD-DDD] UPC# 0-17685-10732-0

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