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A PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED CONCERT.  For many Duke Ellington fans the years 1951 through 1955 form a black hole in the half-century career of the great composer/bandleader. The reasons are fairly obvious. At the end of January 1951, alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges, since 1928 one of the most distinctive voices in the Ellington orchestra, handed in his notice advising Ellington he was about to form his own small group. And to make matters worse he'd be taking with him two other long-time band veterans, drummer Sonny Greer, one of the original "Washingtonians," who'd been with Duke from the very beginning and trombonist Lawrence Brown, an Ellington sideman since 1932. Many saw this as the end of Duke Ellington's bandleading career. How could the band survive without such key men? But Ellington, ever the optimist, reacted in typical Ducal fashion. "New men mean a new sound in my band and the creation of new music," he informed a Down Beat reporter. The change that had been forced upon him offered a rare creative challenge, as proven in this priceless historic sound Document which features some of Ellington's greatest hits in spirited, highly expressive performances.

CD-1051(2)   DUKE ELLINGTON IN HAMILTON, ONTARIO (1954):   Take the "A" Train/Introduction; The Mooche; How High The Moon; Serious Serenade; Theme for Trambean; Skin Deep; Tenderly; PerdiD-; Monologue (Pretty And The Wolf); Ellington Medley; Things Ain't What They Used to Be; Satin D-ll; Stompin' At The Savoy; I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart; Caravan; The Bunny Hop Mambo; Isle of Capri Mambo; The Hawk Talks; All The Things You Are; Duet; Blue Jean Beguine; Take The "A" Train; Warm Valley; Jam With Sam; Closing Remarks/God Save The Queen. Personnel: Clark Terry, Willie Cook, Cat Anderson, Ray Nance, Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, George Jean, Jimmy Hamilton, Rick Henderson, Russell Procope, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney, Duke Ellington, Wendell Marshall, Dave Black. Disc No. 1, timing: 56:00. Disc No. 2, timing: 66:38. Originally released in 1994 in a limited edition by Radiex Music, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada; first general release. (AAD) UPC # 0-17685-10512-8

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