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A quarter-century has now passed since Volumes I and II of George Crumb's Makrokosmos were composed. The premiere performances and recordings by David Burge (Volume I) and the late Robert Miller (Volume II) were milestones in the history of piano music during the latter 20th-century. At the time, many composers and pianists felt that a whole new world of musical possibilities had been opened up. Some of the technical innovations were anticipated by other composers, but Crumb's Makrokosmos I & II represent the most comprehensive - and surely the most influential - exploration of the piano's new technical resources. Few post-1950 piano compositions continue to be so widely performed and recorded, and as the millennium approaches, it seems increasingly certain that Crumb's Makrokosmos pieces have earned a secure place alongside other cornerstones of the 20th-century piano repertoire. Just as their contemporaries must have been amazed at the new sounds heard in Chopin and Debussy's piano music, Crumb's listeners are presented with an enchanting galaxy of new "voices" emerging from that old and most familiar of instruments. The mysterious, often uncanny effects cause one to wonder again and again, how did he do that? Is that still just a piano I am hearing? One becomes newly conscious of the of the possibilities of the piano as an instrument and of music as a uniquely powerful human experience. In this extraordinary new recording all sonic possibilities imagined by Crumb are brought to life by Jo Boatright, an acclaimed interpreter of new music.

CD-1044(1) CRUMB'S MAKROKOSMOS, A DEFINITIVE NEW RECORDING SUPERVISED BY THE COMPOSER. George Crumb: Makrokosmos (Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac for Amplified Piano), Vols. I & II, performed by Jo Boatright under the supervision of the composer. (DDD) Total Time 69:57 UPC# 0-17685-10442-8

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