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Beethoven's Moonlight and Appassionata Sonatas are two of the most recorded works in the history of the gramophone. They have been recorded on every continent by every noteworthy pianist, stretching in time from the pupils of Liszt and Clara Schumann to the latest contest winner. Why then yet another recording of these very popular works?

Says fortepianist John Khouri in his liner notes, "I have chosen these four sonatas to play on this Broadwood grand because in my opinion, they benefit from the clear, resonant and colorful sonority of  the English piano and also from the imaginative use of the shift pedal moving the hammers from three to two to one string to vary and color the sound...The four sonatas on this disc reflect Beethoven's desire to expand and re-invent the 18th-century piano sonata. He began to experiment with new  forms (sonatas as if fantasies) and new techniques in piano writing." 

Apart from the monumental Claves set, Beethoven the complete piano sonatas on period instruments, performed by Malcolm Bilson and his colleagues, there is no recording of these four sonatas on period instruments. Fortepianist John Khouri has recorded CDs devoted to Mozart, Chopin and the London Piano School composers, and his recording of the first two Weber sonatas on Music & Arts released in 1997 received critical acclaim.

CD-1022(1) BEETHOVEN ON THE FORTEPIANO. LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN Four Sonatas for Fortepiano: Nos. 12 in A-flat, Op. 26; 13 in E-flat, Op. 27, No. 1; 14 in c-sharp, Op. 27, No. 2, & 23 in F minor, Op. 57. John Khouri
playing an 1801 Broadwood grand fortepiano.

(DDD) Total time: 69:44. UPC # 017685-10222-6

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