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L.S. Ellis (formerly known as Lisle when he lived in Canada) is a highly visible member of the improvisational jazz scene in San Francisco. His previous recordings on Music & Arts with Canadian pianist Paul Plimley have earned rave reviews internationally. For this production Ellis has assembled some of the finest improv jazz instrumentalists in the Bay Area.

The tone poems are based in part on poems of the Japanese Zen master Basho, the Russian lyricist Anna Akhmatova, and the Spanish revolutionary genius Frederico Garcia Lorca.  Children in Peril Suite by L.S. (formerly Lisle) Ellis is a suite of tone poems in two parts, conceived as an offering for all children who have suffered. Performed by L.S. Ellis, bass, with Joe McPhee, Marco Eneidi, and Peter Apfelbaum, winds, and Dana Reason, piano. Total time: 60:00. [DDD]    UPC #0-17685-10162-5

Sound Clips (MP3):

1. Vivification
2. Before or After
3. Children in Peril
4. Secreted Blues
5. Forgotten (For A-B-)
6. Anticipation of an Embrace
7. Monkeyshines
8. What Love (For L-C-)
9. No More Tears
10. Adjunct and Adournment
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