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Recorded in 1954 for the Haydn Society; previously released on LPs HSL 121-127 in 1955 & on Music & Arts CD set 1001 in 1997. Digitally remastered from the original 38 cm/sec master tapes by Maggi Payne CD No. 1 (65:47) Sonatas in C, K279; in F, K280; in B-flat, K281; in E-flat, K282; in G, K283 CD No. 2 (78:16) Sonatas in D, K284; in C, K309; in D, K311; in a, K310 CD No. 3 (78:48) Sonatas in C, K330; in A, K331; in F, K332; in B-flat, K333 CD No. 4 (71:36) Fantasy in c, K475; Sonatas in c, K457; in C, K545; in B-flat, K570; in D, K576 CD No. 5 (79:12) La belle Françoise, 12 Variations in E-flat, K353; Salve tu, Domine, 6 Variations in F, K398; Come un' agnello, 8 Variations in A, K460; Fantasy in c, K396; Fantasy in d, K397; Allegro einer Sonate in g, K312; Eine kleine Gigue in G, K574; Menuetto No. 6 in D, K355; Adagio in b, K540; Rondo in a, K511.

"Superb musicianship"
-The London Times

"Kraus was a superb musician and these and these performances remain compelling. Over 20 years later Kraus re-recorded the sonatas [for Sony] but the mono sound here is crisper than the later stereo sonics, and her technique was more assured in the earlier set. Her articulation is quite clean, tempos are reasonable, dynamic gradations are carefully shaded, and the result -if far from period-instrument- sounds like Mozart rather than the inflated pseudo-Beethoven some non-period pianists have made of these works."
-Steve Holtje, CD Now


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