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November 2011 NEW RELEASES

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CD-1256(6) KNAPPERTSBUSCH CONDUCTS BRUCKNER SYMPHONIES AND WAGNER SELECTIONS. BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 3 in d, Bavarian State Orchestra (Munich), 11 Oct. 1954; Symphony No. 4 in Eb, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, 8 Sept. 1944. Symphony No. 5 in Bb, Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, 19 Mar. 1959; Symphony No. 7 in E, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Salzburg Festival), 30 Aug. 1949. Symphony No. 8 in c, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, 8 Jan. 1951; Symphony No. 9 in d (unfinished), Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, 30 Jan. 1950. WAGNER: Götterdämmerung, 2 excerpts: Berlin State Opera Orchestra, Nov. 1959; Siegfried, Act II sc. 2, Bavarian State Orchestra (Munich), 1952. Die Walküre, Act I sc.3, Bavarian State Orchestra (Munich), 1952. 2011 restorations by Aaron Z. Snyder Total time: 7:07:15. 6 CDs priced as 4 UPC # 017685-125621.

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BUZZ: A newly restored collection of previously released (and no longer available) Knappertbusch best sellers from our catalog. Bruckner's Symphony No. 3 first released on Music & Arts CD-257 (1987); Symphony No. 4 on CD-249 (1987); Symphony No. 7 on CD-209 (1986), and Symphonies 4 through 9 in boxed set CD-1028 (1998), which included a different version of Symphony No. 3. Jeffrey Lipscomb wrote of the previous edition, CD-1028, in his review: "Kna was one of the great Bruckner interpreters - he was unique in conveying this music's earthy, almost primeval side. Kna was a stubborn advocate of the so-called 'revised' editions (Kluge's notes make a compelling argument for them)." And Tony Duggan wrote of the same set in Music-Web International: "This superb collection of Knappertsbusch at his best in Bruckner should not be missed. It offers fascinating insights into how Bruckner used to be perceived and played, and can teach us a lot even today."

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