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New Classical Releases for March 2007

1196 Buy Now CD-1196(1) SCHUMANN and DVOŘÁK by Schnabel AND THE PRO ARTE QUARTET. SCHUMANN: Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op. 44. Recorded 19th November, 1934, No. 3 Studio at Abbey Road. DVORÁK: Piano Quintet in A major, Op. 81. Recorded 11th February, 1934 at No. 3 Studio, Abbey Road. Artur Schnabel (piano) with The Pro Arte Quartet: Alphonse Onnou - Laurent Halleux - Germain Prevost - Robert Maas. The copyright in the recordings contained in this CD is owned in the U.S.A. by EMI Classics; the CD is released under license from EMI Classics. Total time: 1:02:56. UPC# 017685-119620.

BUZZ: A long-time Schnabel chamber music favorite, long unavailable, has been carefully restored and made available in greatly improved sound.

Re-Released by Worldwide Demand

A Monument in World Music

735 Buy Now CD-735(1) Sacred Tibetan Chants From the Great Prayer Festival. Ten Tibetan monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery. (DDD) UPC #0-17685-07352-6.

BUZZ: Music used in the National Geographic TV special Tsangpo Gorges, and in the films Seven Years in Tibet and Chinese Box and soon to be heard in the BBC TV production, Lost World of Tibet.

Allan Evans of Fanfare writes: "An ample and well-written text details the purpose behind these ritual chants, among which a rare cycle is heard in its entirety. The remoteness of Tibet created and preserved a musical practice which is absolutely unique. For those familiar with Tibetan chanting, it will be a welcome offering to hear the chanting from this once-vital monastery. Once being the keyword, as the text underscores the genocide and destruction vent on the peaceful Tibetan nation by the occupying Chinese, a horrific tragedy which continues…The monastery, or better, its survivors, went into exile in India. Their sad story is told in the text."

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